Corporate Communications

  • Complex program of promotion of the company
  • Development of a communication strategy and positioning
  • Programs for the protection, development, corporate reputation management
  • PR-outsourcing services
  • Public relations
  • Positioning of the company management
  • Work with partners, experts, etc.
  • Communication support complex business processes and socially significant actions
  • Corporate social responsibility programs
  • Communications Consulting

Marketing Communications

  • Launch and promotion products
  • Integrated Marketing Campaign
  • Media Relations
  • Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Special events for consumers
  • Marketingovie materials

Crisis Communications

  • Development and implementation of anti-crisis programs Communications
  • Communication in crisis situations
  • Communication support litigation, corporate disputes and others.
  • Media Relations
  • Restoring reputation

Personal Communications

  • Building / correction of personal image owners, top management of companies, public figures, etc.
  • Development of positioning and communication strategy
  • Services PR-service outsourcing / Media relations
  • Protecting reputation in conflict and litigation
  • Personal Coaching
  • Training: public speaking skills, effective interaction with the media and others.

Financial Communications

  • Communication support of transactions IPO and M & A
  • Investor Relations and expert community
  • Links with business and financial media
  • Communications Consulting

Internal Communications

  • An audit of internal communications
  • Develop strategies to build a system of internal communications
  • Communications in the process of reorganization, mergers, etc.
  • Programs to promote corporate values
  • Programs to address crisis situations
  • Corporate publications
  • Special events for employees

Communication with the media

  • PR-service / press center outsourcing
  • Development and implementation of PR-campaigns in the media: press, Internet, television, radio
  • Development and organization of media events (press conferences, press lunches, briefings, press tours, etc.)
  • Creation and maintenance of specialized media columns, programs on radio and TV

Creativity and advertising

  • Develop and implement a creative strategy
  • Development of media strategy, media planning
  • Development of advertising slogans
  • Development of the script and production of video / audio clips, creating corporate films and stories
  • Photos and Videos
  • Advertising in print media, radio, TV
  • Advertisement on outdoor media in the metro

Design and Printing

  • The development of the design concept
  • Design and production of printed products
  • Development and production of souvenirs
  • Design and production of exhibition stands

Special events

  • Business events (conferences, forums, round tables, etc.)
  • Corporate events
  • Image event
  • Sporting events


  • Personal
  • Team


  • Training in Communication for top managers and press officers: effective media relations, public speaking, communication in times of crisis, a public person, etc.
  • Training for top managers: emotional competence, team building, stress management, leadership, etc.
  • Corporate trainings and seminars for employees