The Agency has organized and held a press conference on the reform of the system of sports

Agency of Strategic Solutions 'Golub and Shynkarenko' organized and held on December 22 in the UNIAN press conference "Reform of sports and ways to overcome the resistance of the system", which was attended by deputy of Ukraine Pavlo Kyshkar and the President of Ukrainian Karate Federation Sergii Levchuk. 

At the press conference drafter of a Bill on Physical Training and Sports Pavlo Kyshkar urged President Petro Poroshenko and Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman accelerate implementation of the reform of the sport, developed in 2014 and said that the Ministry is strongly sabotaging the reform of sports. "The state represented by the Ministry should stop control sports, this is the mission of totalitarian countries. The state has two functions in sport: to develop mass sport and be a customer of the results of high performance sport. Everything else should be doing sports federations, as is the case in all developed countries", - said Kyshkar. The speakers answered the questions of journalists about key provisions of the reform and about contest for the post of Secretary of the Ministry of Youth and Sports which was interrupted by Minister Igor Zhdanov. The President of Ukrainian Karate Federation, the contestant for the post of Secretary of the Ministry of Youth and Sports Sergii Levchuk  said that he filed a lawsuit demanding to 

challenge the decision on recognition as invalid the results of the competition and not to repeat the competition on December, 29. He added that his lawsuit requires publicly disclose the methodology of evaluation of the second phase of the competition - situational tasks, which resulted the Competition Commission decided to suspend the contest, explaining their decision by saying that none of the participants received the required number of points. "I approve this competition, because competition will bring highly skilled professionals to the position of Secretary. The question is not that I'm fighting for this place. I want to act by the open rules. I want to see the results and understand why I have lost or won. But that's the case, that the second stage of the competition - situational task - closed and we do not know criteria" - said S. Levchuk. He added that he participated in the contest for the post of Secretary with a view to implement the reform of sports, which was developed in 2014.